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Resume – ستاره مقاری


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Android Developer

SabaIdea – Aparat

At Aparat company, I started working on Filimo application which provides online movie services. I learned Kotlin programming language at the start of my career here and I used it. After a few months, I worked on the Android version of Filimo (Filimo TV) as well as on the app version of Aparat (Aparat TV). They work on smart tv’s with android OS. [/event] [event date=”2017″ current=””]

Team Head, UI/UX Designer

Navand Company

Navand team was gathered in 2017, the company began to focus on the Sert’s app after developing the Shokofun website. I am the supervisor of the technical team beside designing the user interface and user experience of the Serit project.

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After changing my last job, I have been working for a year as a Freelancer. I was more focused on Sateh App and it’s website during this peroid.


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Android Developer

IoT Academy, Bita Company

After a being trainee in the IoT Academy and working on IoT base projects for some months, I started working as a programmer for Bita Company, my main focus was on an application for controlling a smart robot called Pacor.


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UX Design course

interaction design foundation
I began to learn user interface and user experience with using online courses in this website


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Google Analytics


After starting my work in the field of UX, I got to learn Google Analytics tool for collecting and analyzing data from users. I’ve passed the course in Analytips and right now I’m currently writing to this group in the blog section.


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Computer Science

Bachelor Degree – Alzahra Unicersiry

I studied computer science at Al-Zahra University, which was the beginning of learning programming for me. I learned C # and web design in the early years of the university and I started Android programming as I was graduating from university.

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[section_title icon=”icon-comment” text=”BOOKS AND ONLINE COURSES”] [testimonial first=”yes” last=”” name=”Java development” job=”Ahmadreza Sedighi” image=”https://setaremaghari.ir/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/java.jpg”]A great book that helped me learn Java much more conceptually.[/testimonial] [testimonial first=”” last=”” name=”Kotlin for android developers” job=”Antonio Leiva” image=”https://setaremaghari.ir/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/kotlin.jpg”]It was a wonderful book. I learned Kotlin programming language from this book.[/testimonial] [testimonial first=”” last=”yes” name=”Ux For Begginers” job=”Joel Marsh” image=”https://setaremaghari.ir/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/ux.jpg”]I started working as UX designer by reading this book, which discussed comprehensively of all the important topics in UX field.[/testimonial][testimonial first=”” last=”” name=”The Lean Startup” job=”Eric Ries” image=”https://setaremaghari.ir/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/download.png”]I got familiar with this book in a course I passed about product management. The book changed my mind about handling a startup business totally and it encouraged me to start reading Lean UX book.[/testimonial]

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Inside my personal linkedin account, I share my thoughts and ideas. Maybe it would be interesting for you too 🙂

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you can also download PDF version of my resume here 🙂

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