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About Me – ستاره مقاری

About Me

[row][column width_md=”12″][section_title icon=”icon-guest” text=”a little bit about me :)”][intro]Hey, I’m a [rotate_words titles=”Android developer, UI/UX Designer.”]


I started programming in 2011. After working on C# and PHP for about 3 years, I started android development in 2014. I’ve been working on IoT Projects for one year as android developer, and then I got deep into learning professional android programming. I also know web development with laravel framework.

After a while, in 2018, I found that how much UI/UX design is enjoyable for me and I started studying and reading about these two skills.

Right now I’m working in Aparat Company (Since 2017) as android developer. At the same time I’m team head of my own startup and I do UI and UX design there.

Welcome to my personal website 🙂


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Android App Design and Development

This is my main experties and I usually do both design and development at the same time. I do android development with kotlin or java languadge. As designing the app I usually use Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop.


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UI / UX Design

As I decided learning this field, I started learning related softwares and after passing google analytics course know I can work in this area with a great deal of knowledge.


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Team Management

I really enjoy team work when they do their task regularly and on time. I have experience of leading my own startup team which was a great pleasure for me.


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Web development

I can develop websites (the backend side) by php using laravel framework. In addition in case of need I use laravel for developing the api’s I need for my android applications.


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